Moon Magic Floret

Moon Magic Floret is the product of a passionate journey that began in 2011. What started as daydreams of vibrant blooms transformed into a heartfelt project, crafting beautiful flower arrangements for friends and family on their special occasions. Over a decade, Moon Magic Floret blossomed, becoming a cherished creative outlet and labor of love, serving weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and delivering stunning bouquets.

Client :
Moon Magic Floret
Date :
November 30, 2022
Category :
eCommerce Development
Location :
Sydney Australia
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Our Approach:

  1. Shopify Store Creation: We worked closely with Moon Magic Floret to create a Shopify store tailored to their needs. The store highlighted their exquisite arrangements and made it convenient for customers to explore their offerings.
  2. Quoting and Booking System: We implemented a system that allowed customers to obtain quotes for their specific events and easily book Moon Magic Floret's services, streamlining the customer journey.
  3. Long-Term Digital Strategy: We engaged in discussions about Moon Magic Floret's long-term digital strategy. This included plans for ongoing marketing, expansion, and enhanced customer engagement.


  • E-commerce Success: The Shopify store provided Moon Magic Floret with a strong e-commerce presence, enabling them to reach a broader audience.
  • Quoting and Booking: The streamlined quoting and booking system simplified the process for customers, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Digital Growth Plan: The long-term digital strategy outlined a roadmap for continued growth, marketing, and engagement with their audience.

Conclusion:Moon Magic Floret's journey, from daydreams to a flourishing labor of love, exemplifies their dedication to creating stunning flower arrangements for special occasions. Our collaboration helped them establish a successful e-commerce presence, a simplified quoting and booking system, and a long-term digital strategy that positioned Moon Magic Floret for continued growth and success.

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